Who We Are

Who runs Sundial Theatre Company?

The theatre group was set up by a group of random volunteers who met in December 2018 on Facebook. We’re mostly people who have done amateur theatre before, but wanted a group closer to home that didn’t require travelling into Cambridge.

Where does your money come from?

All income received by the group is put into the group bank account to finance future productions, socials and fundraising events. We are starting with no money at all, so welcome any offers of funding, sponsorship or joint ventures. We will be applying to recognised sources of local funding and will acknowledge their support on these pages when our applications are successful.

What kind of productions do you do?

As a brand new group, we’re still finding our identity. It’s likely that to begin with we will do straight plays rather than musicals, mainly because of finance and logistics. Also, as we have no capital we will need to start small and build our capacity. We see this as an interesting challenge to think of new ideas that aren’t necessarily typical of your standard am-dram. Cambourne has a variety of interesting performing spaces and we intend to take inspiration from these to create productions that are relevant and interesting to Cambourne audiences.


Why is the group called "Sundial Theatre Company" ?

We felt it would be fun to have a name that was perhaps a bit more inspiring than just the name of the town. So we took inspiration from the sundial logo which is the logo of Cambourne and called it “Sundial Theatre Company” to indicate the spiritual home of the group.

What ages can join the group?

Although it's primarily an adult group, all ages are welcome.  You can find our Child Protection Policy on our Policies page.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is a very reasonable £20 a year (£30 for households with more than one member) payable when you are cast in a production. Currently anyone may attend socials, without membership, but we do ask for donations to help us build. It’s also currently free to be on the mailing list. All membership fees are used to finance the group to create bigger and better productions and none of the committee or management team are paid for the time they put in.

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