Who We Are

Who owns Sundial Theatre Company?

We’re owned by our members. Sundial was set up by a group of random volunteers who met in December 2018 on Facebook. We’re mostly people who have done amateur theatre before, but wanted something close to home that didn’t require travelling into Cambridge. We welcome adults and children and our current membership covers a wide age range. Being Cambourne, we have a number of members with young children and we endeavour to arrange activities with that in mind.

Where does your money come from?

We started out with no money at all, so welcome any offers of funding (see our funding page). We apply from time to time to recognised sources of local grants and acknowledge their support on these pages when our applications are successful. All income received by the group is put into our group bank account to finance future productions, socials and fundraising events.

What kind of productions do you do?

So far, we have staged a Hitchcock night and a very successful adaptation of Jack and Beanstalk. We also put on a well received Zoom production of A Christmas Carol in 2020. Coronavirus has caused us to adapt our approach and we have a number of productions in the works ready to be staged when things return to normal. In the meantime, we are working on innovative ways to continue to stage local entertainment online.


Do you do musicals?

A question we’re often asked and we were about to stage a musical before it had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus. Watch this space!

How can I find out more about the group?

The best way is to come along to one of our socials. See the socials page for coming events

What ages can join the group?

All ages are welcome.  You can find our Child Protection Policy on our Policies page.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is a very reasonable £20 a year (£30 for households with more than one member) payable when you join our members WhatsApp group. Currently, anyone may attend socials, without membership and it’s also currently free to be on the mailing list. All membership fees are used to finance the group to create bigger and better productions and none of the committee or management team are paid for the time they put in.

Why is the group called "Sundial Theatre Company" ?

We took inspiration from the sundial logo which is the logo of Cambourne and called it “Sundial Theatre Company” to indicate the spiritual home of the group. We’re very focussed on making this a group for Cambourne people – to take part and enjoy theatrical events.